MaKey MaKey Banana Keyboard

For this project, we made a banana piano using a MaKeyMaKey.
Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 11.28.52 AM

What is a MaKey Makey?
A maKey maKey is a board that you can use to turn just about any object lying around into touchpads or keys. For more information, click here to go to the official website. This project does not require any programming, but you will need the following:

– MaKey Makey
– 7 Alligator clips
– 6 Bananas
– Access to a computer with internet
– A USB cable (to plug in your MaKey MaKey to your computer)
– Tin foil (optional)

Connecting the maKey maKey
First thing we are going to want to do is connect our maKey maKey to our computer using the USB cable. You should not have to install drivers, so if your computer asks you to do this just ignore it.

Next, click here to open the piano keyboard that was made for the maKey maKey. Try out the piano by using the arrow keys, space bar, and mouse clicks to make sounds. These buttons are what we will be converting our bananas to in a little bit.

Connecting to Earth & Grounding
Use one of your alligator clips to connect anywhere on “Earth” on the maKey maKey. By holding the other end in your hand, you are grounding it. This is where you can make a tinfoil bracelet and attach the alligator clip to it if you don’t want to have to hold it while you play — Just make sure that the tinfoil is tight enough that the metal part of the clip is resting against your skin.

Connecting to Bananas
Now lets attach our bananas. On our maKey maKey, attach the rest of the alligator clips on the arrows, space, and click. Each other end you can insert (anywhere) into the banana. You may need to rearrange your bananas for the scale to go in order. As long as your grounded, you should be able to just touch the bananas and hear the keys!



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