Christmas Countdown

Its that time of year — PRESENTS TIME! With this quick Python project, we will be creating a countdown clock to Christmas day. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can change this to be a countdown to whatever you want (*hint *hint *nudge *nudge: countdown to when my next class begins)! Planning The first thing […]

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Anatomy of the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Model 2 GPIO Headers Status LEDs Micro SD Card slot (This is on the bottom side) Display DSI Connector Micro USB Power HDMI CPU/GPU Camera CSI Connector Audio Ethernet USB 2.0 ports USB 2.0 ports LAN Controller Raspberry Pi Model B 1. GPIO Headers 2. SD Card slot (This is on the bottom […]

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Introduction to IDLE

On your Raspberry Pi, one of the quickest ways to begin programming in Python is by using the program IDLE, a Python development environment. Let’s begin exploring and understanding IDLE, so our Python projects can go more smoothly. Opening IDLE IDLE can be found in your menu under “Programming.” You’ll find two options here — […]

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Arduino or Raspberry Pi?

I frequently hold workshops for kids who want to learn both programming and computer hardware, for which I use the Raspberry Pi. I get a lot of questions surrounding the difference between Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and which one is better. Both are great in their own respects, but both are different and it all depends on what […]

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