Christmas Countdown

Its that time of year — PRESENTS TIME! With this quick Python project, we will be creating a countdown clock to Christmas day. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can change this to be a countdown to whatever you want (*hint *hint *nudge *nudge: countdown to when my next class begins)! Planning The first thing […]

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Introduction to IDLE

On your Raspberry Pi, one of the quickest ways to begin programming in Python is by using the program IDLE, a Python development environment. Let’s begin exploring and understanding IDLE, so our Python projects can go more smoothly. Opening IDLE IDLE can be found in your menu under “Programming.” You’ll find two options here — […]

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Ghost Game

Below is the Ghost Game that we use in class/workshop written in Python. Read the code before typing it in — How do you think the game works? How can you make it better? from random import randint print(‘Ghost Game’) feeling_brave = True score = 0 while feeling_brave: ghost_door = randint(1, 3) print(‘Three doors ahead…’) […]

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Turtle Mystery Images

Turtle Mystery Images! ** The following is Python 2.7 (This will be IDLE, not IDLE 3, on your Raspberry Pi’s!) ** Found some fun turtle graphics online! Type in the below code into IDLE to find out what the mystery Turtle image is! Try changing the numbers – What happens? Which line would we change […]

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