Make Your Own Quiz Game

Let’s create a Make-Your-Own-Quiz Game in Scratch! If this is your first time using Scratch, make a (free!) account on their website to get started — click here! I will be using the online version — If you have an older Raspberry Pi, you may have an older version of Scratch. We should still be […]

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Arduino or Raspberry Pi?

I frequently hold workshops for kids who want to learn both programming and computer hardware, for which I use the Raspberry Pi. I get a lot of questions surrounding the difference between Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and which one is better. Both are great in their own respects, but both are different and it all depends on what […]

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Ghost Game

Below is the Ghost Game that we use in class/workshop written in Python. Read the code before typing it in — How do you think the game works? How can you make it better? from random import randint print(‘Ghost Game’) feeling_brave = True score = 0 while feeling_brave: ghost_door = randint(1, 3) print(‘Three doors ahead…’) […]

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Turtle Mystery Images

Turtle Mystery Images! ** The following is Python 2.7 (This will be IDLE, not IDLE 3, on your Raspberry Pi’s!) ** Found some fun turtle graphics online! Type in the below code into IDLE to find out what the mystery Turtle image is! Try changing the numbers – What happens? Which line would we change […]

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Fixing your screen resolution

This is a decently common problem some of my students run into. Follow the steps I’ve written out below to fix this issue! Problem: My screen is very zoomed in on my Raspberry Pi! To fix the size of your screen: 1. Open LX Terminal 2. Type: sudo nano/boot/config.txt and press enter 3. Use arrow […]

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